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Imagine what it would be like to really love your body.

To really trust yourself, to feel at ease with your healthy habits, to feel as capable and confident as others know you are!

 I'm  Amy Chang, your trusty Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and RN. 🌿 I totally get the whole "What the heck do I do now?" feeling when it comes to taking charge of your health. Been there, done that! But guess what? I've blazed a trail straight through the confusion, and I'm here to guide you to the sunny side of health! 🌞✨

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How People Work with Healthy Life Health and Wellness Coaching



Ignite your 3 month health transformation with our Jumpstart Coaching Package – your one-stop reboot for laser-focused clean-up in one key area of health, perfect for those with clarity who crave accountability and innovative support to make it happen! ✨🚀

Total Investment - $2400

Jumpstart Coaching Package

Dive into a 6 month journey of discovery with our Total Results Coaching Package, tailored for those feeling adrift in their health journey – offering a compassionate partnership, gentle guidance, and the serene transition to lasting, healthy habits. 🌱✨

Total Investment - $4800 

Total Results Coaching Package

Step into our Book Club Coaching Group, a space where collective transformation and individual progress unite, coaching you from book-driven revelations to actionable habit evolution and self-empowerment! 📚✨🌱

Suggested Donation $25 - benefits NC charities chosen quarterly.

Book Clubs


Because you are worth it.             



If you:

  • feel like your healthy is totally out of control
  • live life on "wash-rinse-repeat"
  • feel like your gut is a "hot-mess-express" 
  • don't know what to do or
  • don't know how to start


We can relate and help you.


And you WANT to:

  • feel confident in your naked body
  • feel capable of healthy living
  • have enough energy to do whatever you want to do 
  • fit into your clothes 
  • be in charge of your health

We can walk with you to get you here.


Over at Healthy Life Health and Wellness Coaching, we're firm believers that the ultimate superpower lies within YOU. 🌟 Sure, you might have doubts, but we see your potential shining bright! Forget cookie-cutter diet plans, workouts, or sleep strategies – what you really need is the golden key to unlock your inner wisdom. 🗝️ With our four-step "effortless" process, we're here to help you ask the right questions and discover answers that are as unique as you are. Let's tap into that inner coach and get you glowing with health! ✨🍃


Getting Started with Healthy Life Health and Wellness Coaching... 

How do I go from thinking about to I'm DOING it?

Step 1: Book your "Take Control of Your Health Discovery Session" now. We'll listen to your health concerns and envision what you want for your health and life. We'll explain how we can help.
Step 2: Decide if coaching seems like a fit for you, check to see if the timing is right, and choose which coaching package feels like the right amount of support for you on your created life journey.
Step 3: Celebrate! You've shifted from "considering change" to actively making it happen. No seriously! Making a decision is the first step of change. Do the happy dance! Cheers to you! 🎉

Yours Free! The Journey of Transformation: A 4-Step Pathway

No matter what the state of your health is right now, you can turn it around and have a healthy mindset and a healthy life. Take the next step!


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If you're looking for someone to pat you on the back and tell you what you want to hear, don't hire Amy Chang. But if you want someone who will ask you all the right questions, get you thinking, challenge you to see the worth you don't see in yourself (but should), and inspire you toward greatness, you would be a fool to NOT hire Amy Chang.
Ray R.
Amy is an excellent coach. She embodies joy, compassion, & empathy. Qualities that allow her to be very motivating and help clients work through road blocks. She has nutritional and exercise wisdom and a gift for deep listening. I highly recommend her
Karla W.
I knew I needed to make some changes, more than just going on a diet or increasing my exercise, I needed to make some lifestyle changes. Amy was great to work with! It was amazing to determine how many of my health habits are rooted into other things that were more psychological.
Deborah C.


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Your Coach 

Hey y'all! I am a Duke Trained Integrative Health Coach by way of being a nurse, CrossFit Trainer and mom! Here's what I really want you to know about me: I stand for you; you seeing your own inner beauty and power and creating the life that you REALLY want.


I help you create intentional, individualized plans so that YOU can truly achieve the health YOU desire.

More about Amy... 

Amy loves people and wants to know YOU instead of pushing diets, exercises, and mindsets. She can "team-mate" you - no one left out, no one alone, everybody accomplishing. That's who she is to the world.


"Health Coaching: A little positive psychology, a little change theory, a little curiosity and a lot of listening. Coaches let YOU be the expert on YOU, then use best practices for accountability and sustainability for short AND long term lifestyle changes."